Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to repair my credit?

The credit repair process varies in time. Each person and credit report is different. Only the bureaus can update your credit report. Sometimes they will remove accounts during the first-round and you can be done! Other times, they may be really difficult, and it can take multiple rounds of back and forth.

Will I be responsible for mailing my own letters?

No, we draft and send all dispute letters on the client’s behalf. You are only responsible for getting the results to us in a timely matter to ensure a timely response.

Are the results guaranteed?

Results are not guaranteed! No credit company can guarantee results or a specific outcome. It is a direct violation of the Credit Repair Organizations Act. We can share the awesome results our customers have received in our program and allow you to make a decision for yourself.

Will you be able to remove all debt?

We look closely at each account to determine the accuracy of the reporting per bureau, but our program is not designed to provide a remedy for legitimate debts. We simply give you the best advice on how to handle a particular debt responsibly.

How do I receive updates during the process?

After we process your reports, the bureaus will have 30-45 days to responds to our dispute. During this time, we do not have any updates for you. The bureaus will send all results to you directly via mail so you will see results before we do! We also recommend that you subscribe to a credit monitoring system like, Credit Check Total or Identity IQ. As changes are being made, these sites will report to you in real time. Again, we do not know results until you send your results to us or your reorder new reports.